STRAW Writing Fun Book (Basic Level II) is a creative exercise book designed to encourage children to practice writing basic Chinese characters with simple strokes, thereby boosting their confidence in writing. It focuses on essential components of Chinese characters, such as radicals, laying a strong foundation for their future Chinese language learning. Through various engaging activities like puzzles, stickers, and drawing, children can effortlessly learn Chinese characters and words.

The book contains 20 fundamental Chinese characters (天手心口中工玉米果衣魚男女子馬兒足車家我), each accompanied by three commonly used words, resulting in a total of 60 frequently used words. The word design in this game book not only helps children learn to write but also enriches their vocabulary, providing a solid groundwork for future reading. Additionally, the bilingual design facilitates easy learning of Chinese characters for students with different needs.



搶先評價 “STRAW創意識字練習遊戲冊(初階II)”

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