GENIUS English Program

English Grammar 
& Comprehension Program​


Course Features

1. 系統性的課程綱領,全面覆蓋各文法題目,為日後英文學習打好基礎

2. 內容豐富,由淺入深,能真正幫助學生提升英語水平

3. 透過精編教材及導師解說,學生更能熟習文法要點和應用上須注意的地方

4. 有助於提昇作文技巧,使句子結構更有系統,文章更為通順

Level G (~P1)

– Imperative
– Pronoun
– Verb to be, do, have
– How many, There are
– I, me, you, your
– Present Continuous
– There+be
– Adjectives
– Preposition

Level E (~P2)

– Countable,Uncountable
– Adjectives
– Simple Present
– Present Continuous
– Pronoun+Occupation
– Imperative
– Possessive Pronoun
– Question Words
– Plural​

Level N (~P3)

– Frequency
– Past Tense
– Place Prep
– Present (negative, question)
– There Be
– Every, Each, Some, More
– And, But
– Forming question

Level I (~P4)

– Modal verbs
– Present & Past
– Adverb
– If with comprehension
– Giving Direction
– Adjective
– Comparing Tense
– Some, Any+body, thing
– Future Tense

Level U (~P5)

– Adverbs,
– Adjectives (ed/ing)
– Past Continuous Tense
– Negative Sentence
– Question Sentence
– Conditional – If
– Preposition
– Passive (Present+Past)
– Proofread

Level S (~P6)

– Mixed Tenses
– Passive
– Conjunction
– Present Perfect
– Gerund
– Countable & Uncountable
– Mixed pronoun usages
– Conditional sentences
– Phrasal verbs
– Relative Clauses

Students’ Work

Red is widely used in signs such as ‘Stop’ and ‘Danger’ (Definition) as it is quite eye-catching and represents dangerousness in the Western world. However, red means luckiness in China. (Explanation) At Lunar New Year, most of the people wear red or yellow clothes. Also, unmarried young people and children receive red packets as a blessing. (Applications)

Topic: Different Colors

‘Hurray! I won!’ I exclaimed. All of a sudden, a sound of the gale (Use good vocabularies) went into my ears. A gigantic, ugly-looking and terrifying (Include more complete descriptions) monster came out. ‘My name is Mangkhut and…’ ‘Ahh!!!!!!!!’ I cried and I was frightened awake. I found out that it was only a nightmare and it was already 08:30am! I immediately jumped out of my bed and woke my snoring (Make good use of adjectives) parents up who are still sleeping soundly in bed. ‘MUM! Why don’t you wake me up? It is already 08:30am!!!’. (Dialogues are good ways to show emotions)

Topic: A Typhoon Day

If this sounds too harsh for you, at least you can set a reminder for doing exercise.

For instance, if you always play video games after dinner, change this to jogging or a walk in the park instead. (Use real-life examples are important)

Topic: Doing More Exercise

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